Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Talking Cat!?! - the movie

OMG you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have what they refer to in the biz as a "lead." A lead is a juicy piece of info that you, like, super want to share with your blog readers.

Sometimes in life, you'll come across something truly shocking and wondrous. A moment that simultaneously warms your heart and makes you want to puke forever. Last night I had such a discovery.

Scrolling through Netflix, I saw this movie/feature program - the title is, and I quote, "A Talking Cat!?!" - true title, including all necessary punctuation marks. 

Here is a pic of the cover. 

You can see why this caught my attention. So, with bated breath, I watched a few minutes of this feature film. It really is probably the best worst thing I've ever seen. 

The voice over work is soooooooooo terrible. And look at the animation!! This is actually what my own mouth looked like as I watched it.

I plan on watching the full 1 hour and 8 minutes very soon & will report back, re: goodness factor.

edit: I could barely get through this 1 minute and 30 second movie trailer.. maybe I can't do it. hint: start at 0:55 for the goods A Talking Cat!?! Movie Trailer

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