Monday, October 29, 2012


Halloween is just around the corner. The scary, spooooky, terrrrifying corner. And let me tell you, nothing is as terrifying as holding a MS Paint contest and only getting one entry every week. HAHA. ahh, it hurts. Anyway..

We have now received a resounding FOUR entries so the voting can begin!

Please vote for your favorite in the comments section below.  

The winner will receive a really cool & awesome prize that may or may not cost under $5. It will be fashionable and useable. mmm... useable. 

Entry #1 "ERMAHGERD"



ENTRY #3 : "Halloweenie"



bonus painting: "GUS THE JACK'O'LANTERN" (not part of contest)




Monday, February 27, 2012

FAVORITE Tweeter / Person of All Time = Chris SimpsonsArtist

Something happened to me yesterday. 

I discovered my favorite tweeter of all time. A man so hilarious and unique and silly that he has restored my faith in comedy and reignited my love of the art of ridiculousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I am addicted. 


I first feel in love with his bio: "I like drawing detailed portraits & playing tricks on my mum & chatting to my friends & being really sweet." UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! How darling? 

Just go and read through his replies to people.. they are the funniest, most ridiculous adorable things ever. (British accent in your head mandatory.)

Some examples:

i know loads of really good facts and a mouse has the same shape smile as a person as well but it is just got more hair on it xox

smiling is easy when you think of something sweet like a baby mole xox

i can tell really good bedtime stories and i say come and listen to me in a soft voice like a old man as well xox

i am just doing quite a thin smile just now it is quite tight as well xox

i am just watching my television with my baby mole tired eyes xox

i am making necklaces and there is so many beads i cant stop laughing xox

neil is quite a good name because it sounds like someone having a bit of a rest xox
ughghghh I'm obsessed.

In addition to all of this, he draws super sweet art.... which can be seen here.. Pictures that I Gone and Done

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