Thursday, October 6, 2011

The KGWN MS Paint HALLOWEEN Contest!
Will YOU have a ghost of a chance?

(BEST Halloween picture ever!)
Raking the leaves. 

Breathing in the crisp fall air. 

Carving the annual pumpykin. 

Binging and purging on tootsie rolls. 

Ahh, yes. Fall! It's that time of year again. Which means  Halloween is just around the bend! Ooooh! Spooky! AND You know what that means, long time readers! It’s time for the KGWN Halloween MS Paint Contest!
Pirate Puppy

Please create a Halloween-based picture in MS Paint. No rules! (The only rule of the Karyn Germain Newsletter MS Paint Halloween Contest is that the contest has to have a really long name.)

Email your entry to  

Deadline is MIDNIGHT *owl and bat sounds* on October 19  
I will post all entries on October 20 – and voting will begin {begin, begin} (reverb).

~1 vote per member unless you sign in anonymously and vote again. Must be of legal stupid age to vote. Purchase of an annual KGWN membership required. 

Here's my entry:

The prize* will be a lovely item I will pick out at a later date!!!

Click Here to see the entries from last year. Last year we had so many grand entries, we had a tie for winner

Soooo good luck! Have fun. And hey. Stay safe.

* Please note: Prize may be a terrible item, close to garbage in nature

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