Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kitten Growth?? No Thank You!!

It's good to make sure you have a healthy pet. Show them loads of affection, feed their little bellies and make sure fresh water is always readily available.

When I got my kitten 3 weeks ago, I vowed to spoil her. I picked out fun toys, combed her luxurious fur and purchased the very best food for her - "Nutrience" for Kittens. However, upon closer inspection of the food packaging, I noticed that the words "Kitten Growth" are quite prominent. And then I realized that my kitten has nearly doubled her size! In three weeks!!

So obviously the next step is to switch her to a cheap-o food that stunts her growth. Specifically I'll be looking for something that boasts fresh chicken morsels ....... and kitten-retarding chunks.


  1. The kitten on the bag HATES that food. Terrible advertising!


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