Tuesday, December 21, 2010

drum roll please lol lol

Well, it's that time of year again! The time for family, loved ones, warm gingerbread, and sitting around the fire enjoying the light buzz of a tranquilizer digesting in your tummy.

...OH! AnnND it's time to announce the WINNER of the Erin Berjaine MS Paint Christmas Competition!!!!!!! It was a TOUGH competition this year... we had entries coming in at the very last second! Entries and entries. I could barely keep them straight. ... NOT. There were only two. I COULD keep them straight.

The winner is.................

"CHRISTMAS SHORTS"! By Sherri D. !!!!

Since the photo was posted mere days ago, "Eat My Christmas Shorts, Dude" has become quite a popular saying around the internet. It's a real "meme", if you will.

As her prize for winning this prestigious honor, Sherri will receive something completely awesome {this is not considered a written agreement} that I find/buy/regift!

Friday, December 17, 2010

MS PAINT Christmas Edition - The Entries!
Please Vote!

Hey y'all!

So after begging and pleading and waiting, I managed to get TWO MS Paint entries for our Christmas contest. And here they are:

Entry #1: Trailer Park Santa

Entry #2: Christmas Shorts

Please VOTE in the comments section below! Winner will be given a wonderful* prize, TBA. Winner announced WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT ! (Monday, December 20.)

Thanks to ALL of the contestants. You have done good and/or mediocre work!

--> And to Bob, who asked me to put this contest on so he could enter/"win", I say a very poorly spelled "buh hum bug."

*probably crappy

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And Now... Another Installment of
"LOLing with Kijiji"

The "Free" section on Kijiji can be pretty entertaining. OR it can just contain sweet, exclusive deals!!

Check this out:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Creations - MS Paint Contest!!!!

What the what? Two blog entries in the span of mere weeks? You are a very lucky crowd of devoted fans*! (*Small collection of people passing through by mistake.)

A young reader, Bob, mentioned today that I open up the annual MS Paint Christmas Contest. And what a good idea it was! I do think, however, that Bob has clandestine reasons for this sudden interest. You see, he has won the past TWO consecutive (and only) years !!!!!! Our friend Bob wants a Karyn Berjaine Weekly Newsletter MS Paint Christmas Edition Hat Trick! It might be a mouthful, but he wants it... (that's what she said...)

So, all that said, please draw me your best Christmas-themed picture using MS Paint.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, December 15. I'll post entries on Thursday, December 16. Voting in the comments section will then commence. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 20. God I love bolding things.

Please email your submission to kegermain@hotmail.com

To refresh your memory, last year's winning submission was:

I'll leave you with some additional inspiration. This is a prime example of the magic you can create with MS PAINT!!!!!!!!!!

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