Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Have a New Facebook Friend Request: Imminent Death

I don't usually get a lot of Facebook friend requests from people I don't know. I'll get one every few months at the very most. But when I do get 'em, they are doozies.

I logged in last night and saw this:

Yeah. Prettttttttty flippin' harrowing. Let this be a lesson to everyone to always edit your thumbnail pic!! A bad thumbnail can make you look scary. So, anyway, I was feeling brave so thought I'd check out his profile. *deep breath* Here we go. At first glance, not too alarming.

(... I mean, besides his death stare, that is. )

However, upon closer inspection, I saw what was listed under "Activities."

... Yeah. Searching Internet. That's how he found ME!! *scream* Searching Internet. That doesn't sound creepy at all. . . . . .

Anyway, I hope he's nice. Or at least uploads lots of funny pics!!!!!! lolol


  1. Hay Karen, chek my othber pics!!

    say wich ones best!
    I serched yer blogs on the internets!

  2.!!!! SICK. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a webcam.


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