Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Help - All of my Celebrity Crushes are from 1996!

Yesterday a co-worker sauntered up to me and started a pleasant light-hearted office conversation with me. Sipping her water, she asked me, "So.... who are your celebrity crushes?"

My mind went blank. Celebrity crushes? What a fun conversation. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anyone's name to say. Not one. I stuttered out something about how Conan O'Brien is really funny and I wouldn't mind hanging out with him for an afternoon. My co-worker wrinkled her nose. Not good enough. Damn. So then I blurted out that I think Gordon Ramsey is pretty hot, even though he's about 20 years my senior and borderline abusive. Co-worker wrinkled up her nose again, displeased. Damn it!!

umm... let me think.

Brad Pitt?

Gavin Rossdale?

Enriquuoa Iglacceious? (sp?)

The blonde guy from Take That?

.... no, those won't do. After some more thought, all that came to mind were WOMEN!! I came up with 10 celebrity women who I have crushes on, but not one man. Is that weird? ... hmm don't answer.

I need new celebrity crushes! And I really need to study up on "New Hollywood." All of my crushes are from 1996.


  1. Conan would be the best afternoon hang pal EVER!

    When it comes to celebrity crushes, I prefer to long for someone who is actually attainable, you know? I didn't realize people had celebrity crushes past the age of 22...

    Although, I admit I loved Leonardo Di Caprio, or Leo<3 as we lovingly called him in grade 8. My cousin had a crush on JTT!!! Remember him!?!? Oh, and remember Brian Austin Green? I had a friend who drew his initials on her binder! BAG. ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. And by this comment: I didn't realize people had celebrity crushes past the age of 22...

    I mean NEW celebrity crushes after the age of 22.

  3. I LOVED Brain Austin Green!!!! And since he's still occasionally in the spotlight (re: Megan Fox) maybe he can be my current crush??? hahaha...

  4. What a nice place to work. I wish I had friendly co-workers like that.


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