Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lament, re: Tropical Scent!

I purchased some handy dandy disposable razors yesterday. Venus brand, yaknow? I chose some nice bright colored ones to help my shaving experience seem more fun. But there's something weird about these razors... the handles are scented. ...

Handles. Scented. I don't get it?? What is the purpose of having scented handles on a razor? Do people smell their razor handles? Should I be smelling my razor handles? Now I'm going to feel obligated to smell my razor handles in the middle of shaving everytime. Probably several times per shave, in fact. I don't want that sweet tropical scent to go to waste. This is going to add several minutes to my shower routine. :(
edit UPDATE: After all of that, the handles barely smell!!! I honestly can't discern any tropical scent, or any scent for that matter (besides plastic), on them!!


  1. Do you ever wonder what the scientist who spent his time trying to figure out how to make your razors scented could be doing with his time and scientific knowledge?

    Also, I have never smelled my razor or my hands after shaving :/ Don't we already use scented shave cream and scented body wash and scented body lotion?

  2. hmmm...maybe for a pleasurable tropical experience? This does sound strange...very strange...

    I like my good old Schick intuition. Has the soap on it so its easy and quick leaving silky soft smooth skin.

    Indeed...scented handles very odd..

  3. Yes, Merry.. I use Intuition too usually. They are THE BEST.

    Kyley - indeed!!! That scientist could've used his precious time to invent clothes that feel like pajamas but look like a fancy business suit.

    I will report back after I use these razors. Perhaps the whole bathroom will fill up with a tropical aroma.

  4. Maybe they're flavoured. You should try licking them too.

  5. Ooooh!! Good idea!


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