Friday, May 21, 2010

ASSSKKKK KARYN: Wedding Wanker

Dear Karyn,

I have a wedding etiquette question for you! Did I spell etiquette right??? WAIT - Don't answer that. I don't want that to count as my one question.

Answer this one instead: What's the protocol on giving wedding gifts to people who didn't give you one? I just received a wedding invitation from a couple who came to my wedding and didn't get me diddly squat, not even a card. Now they're getting married and have requested guests give them cash as gifts.

Am I *required* to give them a present?


Long time reader for life



Yes you did spell "etiquette" right. Take care. bye-bye.

haha. jk jk.

Ok, here's my honest opinion - I would only get them a card. I'd say don't bother getting them anything -not even a card- but I can't imagine anyone being so rude as to not even bring a card to a wedding. And I would definitely NOT get them a gift, especially not money. It sounds like they're clueless when it comes to giving & friendship & other people's needs, but greedy when it comes to their own.

It may sound petty, but they didn't give you diddly squat, don't give THEM diddly squat. And don't even get me started on how rude it is to request monetary gifts at your wedding!

On second thought, maybe anonymously give the bride this book....



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lament, re: Tropical Scent!

I purchased some handy dandy disposable razors yesterday. Venus brand, yaknow? I chose some nice bright colored ones to help my shaving experience seem more fun. But there's something weird about these razors... the handles are scented. ...

Handles. Scented. I don't get it?? What is the purpose of having scented handles on a razor? Do people smell their razor handles? Should I be smelling my razor handles? Now I'm going to feel obligated to smell my razor handles in the middle of shaving everytime. Probably several times per shave, in fact. I don't want that sweet tropical scent to go to waste. This is going to add several minutes to my shower routine. :(
edit UPDATE: After all of that, the handles barely smell!!! I honestly can't discern any tropical scent, or any scent for that matter (besides plastic), on them!!
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