Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey cheesy friends, I'm in a jam!!!! LOL LOL*

Does anyone out there eat cheese and jam sandwiches? It was recently brought to my attention that this is a thing. That people go out of their way to create this - a (usually) grilled cheese sandwich slathered with jam. ewwwwwww. It turns my stomach.

I know people like to eat cheese and fruit from a platter while sipping wine. When such occasions occur, I try to remain calm, slowly take a piece of cheese, chew it, swallow it, drink something to cleanse my pallet and THEN eat a piece of fruit. I don't put these two sundries in my mouth at the same time. But especially on a sandwich... it just seems unappetizing to me. It's the classic "savory doesn't belong with sweet" argument. Am I in the minority again?

I actually had to google image search it to prove to myself it existed and I wasn't just being tricked. The ol' cheese-and-jam trick. And, it's real! Look!

(This last picture isn't of cheese & jam sandwiches but look how CUTE they are!!!!! ... and you know WHY they're so cute? Because their insides are made of meat and nothing else. Please eat their watermelon legs for dessert.)

*Sorry for this title. I only gave it .04 seconds of thought. What else could I have called it, though? ... "Say Cheese and Pass Me a Sandwich"? That was the only other thing I could come up with.


  1. Mmm. I love putting a grape and a piece of cheese in my mouth at the same time. I don't care if it's wrong. Also... yes. But, this sounds even grosser than what you may be prepared for Germain. I promise, it's delicious. Cheese whiz and jam sandwiches. Also... Cheese whiz and banana sandwiches. Also... pickle and peanut butter sandwiches. Also! A melted slice of cheese on a piece of apple pie.
    I'm fat.

  2. This is a little weird but cheese and jam together is actually delish! Melted brie with crabapple jam is amazing. Also, sometimes I will make toast and put marmalade and put some thin pieces of aged white chedder. It is real yummy. But I think it all depends on if you like the taste of sweet and savoury together. I luv it!

    Another strange but delicious combo...popcorn with smarties in it.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA ANNE. You just killed me with laughter.

    BUT... you're right. SICK. Germain is not prepared for any of this.

    Mad-dog.... what about dog food mixed with chocolate cake?? Mmmm.

  4. Two words: Earl's Grilled Chicken Ciabatta with Brie and Fig Jam.

  5. You know I'll eat anything if chicken is in it. That sounds good. I'll admit it.

    Anne - Pickle and peanut butter sandwiches? Are you serious????

  6. Peanut butter pickle sandwiches. I know - sounds really weird. My friend Asha literally brought a jar of peanut butter, a jar of pickles and some multigrain bread to my house and made some for me. SO good.


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