Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get in the Jaucsi With Baldylocks!

Or "When Online Resort Reviews Go Wrong"

I've been doing a lot of research on resorts lately. Part of that research includes reading endless reviews by previous patrons. Here is one review that was quite a bit more interesting than the others:

" Honeymoon "

Submitted By: ********

Seeview room with jaucsi on balcony. Free bottle of champagne every mornin. Loved everything about the resort,food brilliant,entertainment,brilliant drinks brilliant. The stay there can not be outdone. But when got home, wife f*%@d off with her X. Enjoy The Tequila bar,its fab.

Cheers from Baldylocks. xxx

Perhaps she didn't appreciate his spelling and language? Or the fact that he stayed at the Tequila Bar the whole honeymoon. Strange that she wouldn't want to enjoy "jaucsi"s with Baldylocks for the rest of her days. She's clearly missing out.


  1. Ugh, this is hilarious and depressing! I get so stressed out reading poor grammar on the internet. I'm all wound up now. Could really use a Jaucsi to relax.

  2. haha!! I know. Me too. Let's go soak it up in the ol' jaucsi.

  3. So he's single? *eyebrows*


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