Thursday, November 5, 2009

Erin Berjaine's Juicy Celebrity Gossip!

If you've ever tried sifting through the internet pages of Celebrity Gossip sites, you know how difficult it is to find the goods. You have to read through thousands and thousands of stories to find the juice. There you are with your empty gossip juice glass out, ready to be filled, hands shaking for the juice... and then ... nothing. You look and look, and nothing. There is so much filler out there.

I've decided to do the celebrity gossip site sifting FOR you! I'll then condense the goods for your reading enjoyment.

Here is the condensed Celebrity Gossip for today, November 5, 2009:

  • Lady Gaga wore a wig.

  • It's Kevin Jonas' birthday today. He's still ugly.

  • Nicholas Cage did something or said something with tired looking eyes and a concerned brow.

  • Two ladies wore the same dress to a fashion event. There was a poll conducted on a website... and 56% of readers preferred one of the girls in the outfit, while 44% preferred the other one in it.

  • It is still unclear who Mischa Barton is.

  • Madonna went out walking. She was wearing leggings.

  • Elton John was sick but now he's better.

  • Dan Rather is handsome.

  • Amy Winehouse has been tanning and got her hair trimmed.

  • Nicole Forrester confirms she had sex with Josh Duhamel!! (unfortunately, no one knows who either of these people are.)

  • Adam Lambert is ready for love! Horray!1

  • Kirstie Alley dyed her hair a different color than it was before.


  1. I feel very up to date! Thank you!

  2. Ooo, look out, Perez Hilton, you got some new competition!

  3. Thank you for the update on the Ugly Jonas's birthday. And I'm sure HE is thankful that his name was actually mentioned on a website.

  4. I was just wondering what was up with Amy Winehouse!!!
    Thanks karyn :D :D :D


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