Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cats: They Have Rhythm, Too

I don't know about you, but when I had a cat, there was one question that kept crossing my mind: "I wonder if my cat can dance?" Right? We've all thought it, we've all wondered about it late into the night. "Would he enjoy dancing?" "Am I suppressing his inner rhythm?"

Well, imagine my surprise and delight* when I found this website. They offer "Feline Dance Classes" and tell us, "
Remember, cat dancing is a joyful, beautiful and healthful learning experience you can enjoy with your cat and we wish you and your cat well in your new found purpose together."

I also enjoy THIS gem that explains how one would learn to dance with an animal who usually hates being touched: "As most cats do not take kindly to a sudden change in environment, especially one where other cats may be present along with loud music and dancing, people do not bring their cats to class. Instead they use stuffed (toy) cats. Most dance studios ... require students to buy their own. You can expect to spend about $20 for a reasonable stuffed cat, but $50 will buy a top of the line, life-size bendable model that is perfect for most movements."

I'm actually not even sure what to say about this... perhaps I don't need to say anything. I think the website speaks for itself. But, may I just say in all seriousness, that if I ever tried "dancing" with my cat, she would have killed me. ...Killed me and then done the fox trot right out of the room.

*shock and disgust

Please Note: This blog in no way encourages the stereotype of cat lovers being "crazy." We are simple folk who just enjoy the finer things in life: petting soft fur, opening food cans that smell up a room, and dancing late into the night with a furry friend in our tender arms. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Look at the form in their haunches!!!!!!!!

Old timey cats liked dancing, too.



  1. This is by far the grossest blog ever posted in the history of the internet. However, I do plan to frequent that cat dancing website when in need of future chuckles. Thanks, Karyn Germain!

  2. This seems like one of those things on the internet that you don't find unless you put a lot of effort into looking for it.

  3. Aww...remember at NAIT when I showed you that horrible animated picture of a woman dancing with her cat jumping on two feet behind her? This was the website, and the picture isn't there anymore. That would have made this post 10,000,000 times better.

  4. Where did you find this from??? Seriously though.....cats danse? That's crazy.

  5. holy i just saw a cat dansing in teh gradge .it was prity lame hey i can use tools aniwun hav any food fore my babie ? luky litthe tike

  6. mike, 24, SHUT UP!!!!!!!! hahaahhaa

    Dana - I was google-image searching for a picture of a cat dancing (a normal thing to do) and this page came up. Also, NO cats do not dance. But there seem to be about 12 psychos in the world who make their cats dance.

    Christie - I wouldn't go THAT far. hahahaha.


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