Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something For Everyone*!

*one or two people might be pleased

I've been thinking about phrases that have gone the way of the dodo bird. Number one on my list?

"Gone the way of the dodo bird."

Am I right??


Has anyone deleted any Facebook friends recently? I have... and when I went to delete him/her, a Facebook pop-up window said this "do you really want to remove this connection?" Huh?? It used to say "do you really want to remove this friend?" I was confused. I liked that it said "Remove Friend" because it's more concrete, very clear-cut. "Removing a connection" sounds so flimsy. If I'm deleting you, I want something tangible, man!!!!! Give me a pop-up window with balls!


At work, I usually listen to finetune... it's a site where you can create and listen to playlists of songs. I hadn't listened to this one playlist I had made in quite a while and thought I'd play it today. So I was relaxing, enjoying audio gems from yesteryear and tapping my foot quietly to hip songs......

Well, that didn't last long. Let me tell you that the most embarrassing song to come up at work when your boss walks up and stands next to you is: "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" by The Backstreet Boys. Don't ask me what I was thinking two years ago when I made the playlist... all I know is my poor little cheeks got red galore. ugh. So embarrassing.


Second most embarrassing song to come up when your boss is next to you? A loud, shouty, romantic country duet by husband-wife team Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. No, I did not learn my lesson after the Backstreet fiasco. However, I have now shut down finetune and am listening to songs that came with my Windows Media Player.
Right now something called "Piano Blues 1" by "Corel Software" is playing. It is terrible... but it's safe.


  1. How do I end my connection with this blog?

  2. You mean Buckcherry isn't on your list... "you're crazy bitch. you {nevermind, now I am red in the cheeks}"

  3. !!! I deleted 67 people yesterday. It was hard at first but I got meaner as I went.

    The only thing that makes me feel bad is when they notice and re-request my friendship. This girl I went to highschool with has made me deny her friendship like 7 times. I'm soooo popular.

  4. I like the term, "Going to hell in a handbasket", as in, "Karyn is going to hell in a handbasket for deleting me on Facebook."


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