Monday, August 17, 2009

Two cups lettuce, one cup beef, one cup strawberries, one cup vinegar. yum!

I know that I am in the minority on this one, but I must say that I'm not a fan of people putting fruit in otherwise normal salads. You know the salads I'm talking about - the green lettuce with the pine nuts and the nectarines and vinaigrette dressing. Who on earth would want to eat a nectarine with vinegar on it? Yuck. I just think it's weird and doesn't belong. The part that bothers my palate the most is the sweet fruit mixed with the savory or vinegary dressings. Sweets do not belong in there.

"hey! Let's put grapes in with this avocado salad! That way people won't know if they're eating sweets or savory! haha What fun!"

"You know what would be delicious along with this really strong-tasting spinach? Cranberries and friggin grapefruit wedges."

Worse yet, adding raisins. Nothing gets better by adding raisins. Except for bread. It's a fact.

Whatever happened to the days of yonder, when "salad" meant green lettuce, a few veggies and a nice savory dressing?? Or - and we're getting fancy here - a lovely Caesar salad?

My cousins' husbands actually started complaining about this a while back - they were asking why every single salad they ate had to have fruit in it. They wanted something manlier, a good old-fashioned salad, something more "salad-y." My cousins asked what they would like in a salad instead.
Thus was born "The Man Salad." It has lettuce, ham and cheese in it. With ranch dressing. hahaha. I thought it was a great invention - and delicious!

And to all of you wrinkling your noses at me right now, thinking "Gee whiz, she's soooo unrefined" - I say this: What would you think if I started adding onions and cabbage to fruit salad?

Maybe next time I'm asked to bring a salad somewhere, I'll cut up a few thick chunks of radish or beef and toss them in with apples and caramel dressing. It's the exact same thing. And it's sick.


  1. ... What is the awkward disgusting loaf of meat product?

  2. As a vegetarian, I'm offended by the rampant amount of "meat" salads out there. For cereal! How many restaurants have I been to whose salad menu is nothing but "chicken this" and "salmon that" and now YOU'RE adding Beef to the mix! A hex on you Karyn Germain!

  3. Kyely - it's a lovely slab of canned corned beef. YUM!

    Anne - hmm. Good point. But, meat salads are my favorites (with chicken) so I cannot agree with you here. However, at this point, if people are willing to take away the fruits from salads, I'd be happy to take away the whole meat thing. Let's just go back to the salads of the 19th century.

  4. I LOVE fruit in salads and therefore hate this blog. haha JUST KIDDING!

    But the most orgasmic salad that I love is...spinach, strawberries, blue cheese, walnuts and blue cheese dressing. The flavours are really...well...harmonious.


  5. I'm sorry, I stopped reading after you used the phrase "Gee whiz"...what did I miss?

  6. You know, sometimes I have to wonder if it's not just vinaigrette that I dislike...

  7. Well said my dear! Also so true raisins are the worst...

  8. I would love to eat your corn beef apple salad..

  9. Raisins are evil. Many a good rice pudding, cinnamon bun and carrot cake have been ruined by putting raisins in them...

  10. ... is this the same "anonymous" who wanted to eat my corned beef??

  11. Yoich! I got KILLED in the poll. haha.

  12. So the poll is now closed... results were:

    Does Fruit Belong in Salads?

    Yes (6 votes)
    No (4 votes)
    Maybe So (0 votes)


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