Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sometimes I sign into my blog because I have something really important or funny* to say. And sometimes I sign in because it's been more than a week since my last bloody post & the masses are getting antsy* for some sweet bloggings. So here we go...

*only happened once in previous 12 months
Ok... so... umm look at this new emoticon I just made:


It's cute, hey? I really like it.
Those of you who want to draw something Michael Jackson related in MS Paint for a KGWN contest, please email your submissions to me - . If we only get one submission, YOU WIN!!!

What is the prize, you ask? Well, you greedy bastard, if I was rich the prize would be a gift certificate to Kricket's Family Restaurant and a balloon bouquet delivered to your place of employment. As it is, the prize is TWO THOUSAND E-SMILES FROM KARYN!!!!! So... if that's not incentive galore, I don't know what is.

p.s. :9)
Update on the KFC fiasco: I still haven't gone in to claim my free chicken dinner. I feel kind of dumb doing it ... plus last time I went in, there was a whole group of scary truckers in line behind me and I didn't want them to overhear my pleadings. hahaha. And now it's been a month, so I'm sure that the piece of paper my Special Complaining Name was written on has long been thrown out. :9(


  1. I don't think my real face does this:


  2. Mine sure does!

    Snuk snuk snuk!

  3. Eww who's impersonating me? "snuk snuk snuk"?? Ugh.


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