Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trending Topic on Twitter:
turn ons...

The #1 Trending Topic on Twitter right now is "turn ons." Here are a few good ones. This first one is my favorite:

BentleyBrook #turnon all girls that's enrolled and registered for college!

Ahhh.... hilare.

YaNi_babi #turnon stalkers! You better track me down!

Paulwiskey #turnon A domino player

pattydope #turnon she lettn me pick her up on ma shoulders ;-)

djTazach #turnon OLIVEgarden Lasangna

DaVictorious1 #turnon when i get off work ma lady is doin poloties n the livin room wit sum lil ass shorts on.

Jiggolo: #turnon a girl who run track. Them legs is the bizness!

Ty_AnR #turnon she shallow sooooooooooo I LIKE HER SHE LIKE HER TOO (LIL WAYNE VOICE)

Jiggolo: #turnon OPRAH

imsandrad #turnon Making me giggle like a piglet. I love to LOL

DjBigJae #turnon juicy fat donk light skinned ass in a red or pink thong or boy shorts

sherrih #turnon trending topics

KGNewsletter #turnon borrown yer friends lipstick.. if you now what i mean ;)

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