Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sometimes I sign into my blog because I have something really important or funny* to say. And sometimes I sign in because it's been more than a week since my last bloody post & the masses are getting antsy* for some sweet bloggings. So here we go...

*only happened once in previous 12 months
Ok... so... umm look at this new emoticon I just made:


It's cute, hey? I really like it.
Those of you who want to draw something Michael Jackson related in MS Paint for a KGWN contest, please email your submissions to me - . If we only get one submission, YOU WIN!!!

What is the prize, you ask? Well, you greedy bastard, if I was rich the prize would be a gift certificate to Kricket's Family Restaurant and a balloon bouquet delivered to your place of employment. As it is, the prize is TWO THOUSAND E-SMILES FROM KARYN!!!!! So... if that's not incentive galore, I don't know what is.

p.s. :9)
Update on the KFC fiasco: I still haven't gone in to claim my free chicken dinner. I feel kind of dumb doing it ... plus last time I went in, there was a whole group of scary truckers in line behind me and I didn't want them to overhear my pleadings. hahaha. And now it's been a month, so I'm sure that the piece of paper my Special Complaining Name was written on has long been thrown out. :9(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Too Soon?

I have strong feelings against speaking badly of the deceased. I don't like it and I don't do it. ... ................

............ however, I also have strong feelings about not having anything to blog about this week. I mean sure, I got a new cat wallet and then yesterday after I did laundry, I found raisins in the dryer (seemingly from my clothes???). And while both of these sound like really fantastic blog ideas, I find myself leaning toward something else.

It has been suggested to me that we have a Michael Jackson MS Paint contest. Sweet, talented MJ. The ol' Jacksa-roo.

I'm on the fence, though. Is it too soon to "poke paint" at him? Is that a saying?

What do you think? Is it too soon?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Graphs For Laughs!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trending Topic on Twitter:
turn ons...

The #1 Trending Topic on Twitter right now is "turn ons." Here are a few good ones. This first one is my favorite:

BentleyBrook #turnon all girls that's enrolled and registered for college!

Ahhh.... hilare.

YaNi_babi #turnon stalkers! You better track me down!

Paulwiskey #turnon A domino player

pattydope #turnon she lettn me pick her up on ma shoulders ;-)

djTazach #turnon OLIVEgarden Lasangna

DaVictorious1 #turnon when i get off work ma lady is doin poloties n the livin room wit sum lil ass shorts on.

Jiggolo: #turnon a girl who run track. Them legs is the bizness!

Ty_AnR #turnon she shallow sooooooooooo I LIKE HER SHE LIKE HER TOO (LIL WAYNE VOICE)

Jiggolo: #turnon OPRAH

imsandrad #turnon Making me giggle like a piglet. I love to LOL

DjBigJae #turnon juicy fat donk light skinned ass in a red or pink thong or boy shorts

sherrih #turnon trending topics

KGNewsletter #turnon borrown yer friends lipstick.. if you now what i mean ;)

KFC: Kind Friendly Chums

Update Juice, re: previous blog entitled "KFC: Kentucky Fried Controversy."

So I (very nervously) phoned the District Manager back. I always get nervous talking to strangers on the phone, especially after harpooning them over a chicken twister. I was hoping he wouldn't accuse me of being racist or ask me any tough questions.

WELL. Scott, the District Manager of KFC was the nicest, friendliest, sweetest person in the world. He remembered every detail about me... and I could tell he was driving while he talked to me, so it wasn't like he was reading the info or anything. This is how it went:

Me: Hi, this is Karyn Germain, I had written a -

Scott: OH HI, Karyn! Thank you so much for returning my call. I really wanted to talk to you.

Me: ..... oh?

Scott: Yes. Now, as I remember it, your name is spelled in a unique way... K-A-R-Y-N, right?

Me: Y-yes.

Scott: And you ordered a grilled chicken twister and received a crispy one, right?

Me: Y-yes....

He made me feel like I was the only person who's ever complained at a KFC, ever. In all of time! haha

So then he told me he's trying to hire people who can speak better English to work the drive-thru window and how he had no idea things were so bad. Also, he told me I'd get one free meal from that KFC location.

To receive my free meal, all I have to do is go there and say my name to the employee at the counter. I'm going to saunter up to the counter, while wearing a mysterious jacket and hat, and whisper ... "karyn germain" and look around real slueth like.

A part of me wanted this update to be about terrible customer service, about how I didn't get "nothin' for my trouble", etc etc... something real juicy. But, my friends, kindness prevails. I have nothing but kind words* to say about Scott, the District Manager.

(*except that there was NO talk of giving me free gravy for life.)

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