Monday, June 29, 2009

KFC: Kentucky Fried Controversy

On Thursday of last week, I decided to treat myself to some delish KFC for lunch. I thought a lovely piece of seasoned grilled chicken would help me get though the rest of the afternoon at work.

I also decided to just quickly whip through the Drive-Thru. Unfortunately for me, I had the WORST service I have ever received, ever. After waiting a few minutes for the car in front of me to order, I rolled up with excited eyes and a hungry tummy to the "Order Here" speaker. This is what transpired:

KFC Window Guy: (very heavy accent) Hello I will be with you soon, thank you.

I waited about 5 minutes, without exaggeration. Finally,

KFC: Hi, what is your order?

Karyn: Hello, can I please have a Grilled Chicken Twister with Ranch sauce - and

KFC: (long pause) ...Grill? The grilled thing we have are sandwich, kjdjdska, hyepsida and the fhosoaaf. (I couldn't understand anything)

Karyn: ....... yes... umm... I'll have the Twister? GRILLED chicken, please.

KFC: We have a grill sandwich, the djwisoa and ajfdoeioak (again, lists whole menu to me)

Karyn: Mmhmm... you don't have the grilled twisters?

KFC: You want the grill sandwich?

Karyn: Well, I wanted a Grilled Chicken Twister.

KFC: You mean Toasted chicken Twister?

Karyn: YES! Yes, please. With a small fries and diet coke.

KFC: Small what?

Karyn: Fries. You know, a combo.

KFC: OOOOH. You want a COMBO. (minutes pass as he has to re-enter things into the till) What kind of sauce?

Karyn: ... sauce? Well, on the twister, ranch please.

KFC: No, I mean sauce. What kind of sauce do you want?

Karyn: ... (silence)...

KFC: We have Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer...

Karyn: Oh, SAUCE. I would like a diet Coke... sauce, please.

So then I waited at the window to pay and receive my food for another 15 minutes. The whole ordeal took almost 25 minutes and in the end, I got a crispy chicken twister. I had said "GRILLED" to him at least 5 times.

I'm all for diversity and all of that, and I am normally a patient person, but... shouldn't the employees at a Drive-Thru window be able to, at the very least, understand English??

I was so unimpressed with the service that I wrote an email to KFC on their website.

WELL! Within TWO hours, I had received a return email AND a phone call from KFC's District Manager. He left a voice mail for me, asking me to please call him back so we could discuss this further. All I actually wanted was a $10 Gift Certificate. Also, free gravy for life. I am calling him back soon. I'm scared!

Story Developing...


  1. INTENSE! Looking forward to hearing what transpires.
    P.S. KFC is siiiick.

  2. may or may not be christieJune 29, 2009 at 3:47 PM

    oh, hi karyn. would you be willing to share your gravy privileges with a loyal reader/wonderful friend?

    kfc fo' life

  3. Hahahaha! What drama! Your life is full of mystery (caramilk bar saga) and intrigue (KFC fiasco). What are you? A BOBBSEY twin???*

    *This is a very current and well known reference.

  4. I'm sorry....I can't stop laughing!!

  5. OooOOOh! I am impressed.

    I can't tell you how many times (ok, two) I have written about the Quizno's by my house (Ugg, you ask for no tomato, and you get nothing on it but the meat? (no lettuce, Sauce (of the sauce variety, not the sodasauce variety) or anything - even when you ask for the rest.... and always so RUDE!...getting angry)

    Anyway, no phone call ever.

    I am eagerly anticipating what the manager has to say to you - this is like retribution for us all!!!

  6. ohhh SAUCE! hahahaah oh Karyn.

    At least they didn't take a bite out of your garlic stick, like they did at a Wendy's once to me. :/

  7. Christie - YESSS I will!!!

    Sherri - Get off of my blog.

    Hailey - I will fill you guys in ASAP!!

    CarliQ - (cute nickname, BTW!!!) ahahahahahaha they took a bite out of your garlic stick???!!! UGHHHHHH. haahhahaa

  8. Yeah.... :/ We complained, and all they would do was replace the tooth marked garlic bread with a toasty fresh one. Which probably had been spit on. Pretty sad and gross. and toasty.

  9. Dear Karyn Germain.

    Thanks for acknowledging all of your readers who made comments. All of your readers except a very special little girl who looks up to you a lot and is a loyal follower who never did anything wrong. Me.
    Me. Karyn Germain. Me.
    Even a "shut up" would do.

    P.S. Don't try to make everything better by telling me to shut up now. I KNOW you won't mean it.

  10. Anne, wait............

    I really do mean it when I tell you to SHUT UP. I always mean it. And I DO want you to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

  11. UPDATE! UPDATE!!! Give us the update juice!!!!!!!


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