Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LOLCat Contest

Here are our entries for the Make Your Own LOLCat contest! Please vote for your favorite in the Comments section. The winner gets an e-hug from ME and the adoration and LOLs from fellow KGWN readers. :)

Dana's LOLCat:

Carli's LOLCat:

Anne's LOLCat:

Here is a late entry from SHERRI:

Here's another late entry. This one is from Dave.

And then one more from me for the road... but it's not in the contest :)

Please vote! A special thanks to those who entered the contest. :D


  1. Iz throhs in mah vote fur Carli

  2. Dana gets my vote ...Yew... Genius!!!

  3. I vote for Dave!!! He's so funny!

  4. Can we vote for our own?

  5. hahahahaha I love each* and every one of them.

    * just mine

  6. Hello NotCarli- you can only vote for you own if you make an extra submission and enter under your boyfriend's name. Otherwise it looks tacky.

  7. ohhhhhhh. Thanks. I sure like the one by Dave too.


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