Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter MS Paintings!

Easter is just around the bunny hill, so I thought maybe I'd share some MS Paint artwork I did just for YOU!

hee hee! Isn't he THE MOST?

I'd love it if you'd send me YOUR MS Paint Easter masterpieces! I will post them here and we'll look them over together and smile, laugh and/or vomit. Email 'em to me:

I don't know if we should make it a contest, though ... after what happened LAST TIME. (I don't know how to link to an older blog post from the past, but if I did know how, I'd have done it just then when I typed in "LAST TIME." And then YOU would be redirected to a different web page and then YOU would read about how one time, a KGWN Reader PLAYED A HOAX on all of us and cheated and WON the contest under HOAXING circumstances!!!! :-O )

So, leave your thoughts on whether you think we should do a contest. AND, send in your MS Paint - Easter editions to me! Deadline for submissions: Friday 10am. All pictures I receive will be posted up on Friday afternoon.

And, if I don't get any entries, I will simply re-post this beautiful MS Paint Easter painting that I did and we can all enjoy it again! :~)


  1. YES YES YES YES I want to win one of these contests dammit!

  2. Well, you are definitely one of the best we have!!!! :)

    One vote for yes... so... let's call it a contest. :)


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