Sunday, March 22, 2009

Social Networking Research - Results

Last week I ventured out to see if I could find another social networking site that suited my needs more than the new, stripped-down version of Facebook. I did some research and joined a bunch of the sites that I told you about. All in the name of research.

Here are my findings about each site:

Badoo This is the site I deleted myself from first. It is terrible! It has the feeling of being a FAKE site. Without my doing anything, I started getting requests GALORE from men all over Canada... and receiving messages like this:

MrFlipSide: Do u know of any good clubs in the area?

Tiger_Balm99: have u ever kissed in the rain?

haha. Sooo fake and weird. Also, I received approximately 5 emails a day from this site. Too fake and annoying.

Bebo - This one doesn't look bad! Although they tricked me into inviting some of my friends... by going through my hotmail address book and telling me that several of my friends already had an account when they didn't. ?? Oh well. It reminds me of a super-cleaned up Myspace.

Elftown Well, I was approved to join Elftown. The site is really boring and weird... and gives me the willies. Is it a cult? Perhaps. I have a lot to say about this, but I know the "mayor" of Elftown reads my blog now, so I shall leave it at that. Also, I tried deleting my account and got this page: creepy.

Tagged - I felt this one had good potential AT FIRST. However, once I signed up for Tagged, it would send me 10+ emails a day from "friend requests"... all single men. Yes, that's right, it claims to be a social networking site, but it is in fact more of a dating site. I accidentally signed up for a dating site!!!! Every time I checked my email is said things like:

Peter_Built said YES to you.

DanJuan69 has BOUGHT YOU.

I was like... uhh... what?? I thought I was here to add friends I already knew?? Stop buying me!!!!!!.. and... saying YES to what??!!?

Myspace - None of my friends have signed in since I went back 6 days ago. Yawn factory!

Twitter - I go on Twitter once or twice a day. I only have TWO celebrity friends on there - Tina Fey and Shaq. That probably tells you something about me. sidenote on Twitter - I NEVER have the same status/update on Facebook & Twitter. I'm cool like that.

Results of Experiment: Although Facebook has made changes I don't like, it is still the best site out there. Unless of course you're looking to join a cult or want to say YES back to Peter_Built.

p.s. have u ever kissed in the rain?


  1. I applaud your commitment to social networking quality control. Bravo, Karyn, for your hard work!

    And no, I have never kissed in the rain. Hailstorms, on the other hand....

  2. Creepy Guy In BushesMarch 23, 2009 at 7:46 AM

    Elftown is my favest site because I like hiding in the bushes and waiting for little elf children to come down the path so I can jump out and molest them. I'm just creepy that way I guess.

    C. Guy

    Seriously, wtf is the deal with the guy in the bushes on the main page there? How does that not scream stalker/molester/killer? Is that just part of the elf way of life?

  3. i have kissed in the rain. and it was wonderous!

  4. That guy in the bushes is the MAYOR of elftown- I suggest you remove your comment before he casts a level 9 druid spell on you!!!


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