Monday, March 16, 2009

Social Networking Expose*!!!

* mild research shared politely

As you probably know, Facebook recently changed its homepage. It took away the Live Feed and the ability to quickly, at a glance, see everything your friends have been up to (picture comments, commenting on notes, etc.) So now you basically can just see your friend's statuses and which quizzes they've done recently (I should live in Italy, my celebrity soul mate is Solange Knowles and I'm CHOCOLATE ice cream!)

So I've been looking into sowing my internet seeds elsewhere. Sort of looking for a site that does everything Facebook used to. Here is my expose on other social networking sites out there.

Adult Friend Finder - I found A LOT of friends on here, really quickly, but none of them liked laughing about how cute kittens are or talking about the latest Hollywood gossip. And when I "poked" one guy, it meant something completely different than it does on Facebook. :(

is multi-lingual, London based, and offers users the ability to connect with people at a local and global level. So I signed up for this last night, as a guinea pig. Here is what I've found... instead of statuses, you are encouraged to fill this in: "Today I want to ________ with _______." So there are 90 men who say "I want to party with a girl", "I want to dance with a girl", etc. Also, they sent me three messages from "friends"... one was from Mr. Flipside and this was supposedly his message: "small towns or big cities lol." No thanks. NEXT!

Bebo - stands for blog early, blog often. Bebo is similar to other social networking sites. Post a profile, make friends, write comments, post pics, etc. I have a profile! This one doesn't look bad.

Elftown - is an Internet community or social networking site for people interested in fantasy and science fiction. I signed up today. My name is Keebler79. You have to write why you want to join and who you are, etc. Then they MANUALLY go through each application to see if you should be "approved." ??? Anyway, I find out within 24 hours if I'm approved to join Elftown. *crosses elf fingers*

"Jaiku is a micro-blogging service comparable to Twitter", says the website. Umm... as far as I can see, it's EXACTLY like Twitter. Only green. So if you prefer green to blue, join this one.

Kaio -This one looks good! It has lots of stuff to look at on the main page - not just friend's statuses. My only complaint? ... it's all in German. All of the juicy gossip about my new friends is in German!!! It gives the option to switch to English, but it wouldn't work for me.

MEETin - umm... yeah. This website looks soooo cheap and stupid. It looks like one of those employment opportunity ads to "Type From Home and Make $2000 a day!!!!"

Nexopia - I know that a lot of people have tried this one. I think it's for teenagers?? I don't know. But it is based in downtown Edmonton!

Tagged seems okay. Kinda ugly, but oh well.

Myspace - I went back there last night. It leaves things to be desired also. Not to mention this is what my "friend feed" said ... "Jim is determined (24 days ago)" and "Becky is so angry (3 months ago)" and "Ted only has 5 days to live (6 days ago.)" So, yeah. it's all ghost-towny over there.

Twitter - I almost forgot about Twitter. I think it's really boring and I don't get it. Sorry. I tried.

All I really want is old Facebook to come back :( We were so perfect together.


  1. I agree Karyn. I agree.

  2. also i'm the first one to comment even though my facebook time has been cut down considerably because of the evil nazi IT people i work with!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! OMG! Great blog, Kare bear! I'm going to submit my application for elftown tonight- here's hoping I can create my own sexy elf woman avatar in a low cut aubergine (sp???) robe.

  4. Kyley's friend AnneMarch 19, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    Dear Karyn Germain,
    Short time reader, first time commenter. This little blog is exactly how I feel about my life right now. Facebook is way too exposed and open. I feel like a glow in the dark rabbit on a cold desert night. The coyotes can smell the blood that's been dripping off my cut ear. I update them on it regularly and am sure I will be eaten at any time. I actually have twitter pulled up on a tab right now - but I feel like what I hate about the new facebook is all twitter is. I also worry that my voting no on the new facebook is just some bizaare application that means nothing to anyone. Grshh. Thanks for checking out the other sites. I will refrain from signing up on twitter and cross my fingers Facebook will return to its previous glory.


    Welcome. :D

    Please note... I will be doing a FOLLOW UP EXPOSE on some of the mentioned sites. Today or tomorrow. I have come to some startling* conclusions and want to share them.

    *mildly interesting


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