Friday, February 20, 2009

Jump On In! The Elevator's Fine!!! LOL

Elevator etiquette…

Since when has it been okay to get on an elevator, walk to the back and say to the person standing next to the buttons, “floor 3, please.”???????

This has happened to me TWICE at my work now!! And it came from TWO different people! I don't get it??? It hasn't even been a crowded elevator either time. It's YOUR JOB to press your own damn elevator button when you enter an elevator! Just because I'm standing closer to the buttons doesn't make me the Elevator Porter.

What do YOU think? Isn't this rude and weird??

A friend of mine recently laughed as she shared her own elevator woes: "I keep getting elevators at work that fill up but then they keep stopping and the people on the elevator say 'Come on in! There's still room!!' When there CLEARLY isn't any room and I'm clearly already squished at the back. I'm on the top floor, so we have to go down 16 other levels and it's always packed to the brim by the third stop, but people keep PILING in."

I think next time she should say "Jump on in! The elevator's fine!!!" She'd probably get a really big laugh. A big elevator laugh. And we all know that elevator laughs are way more precious than regular office laughs.


  1. Once again, I did NOT laugh as I shared my woes!!!!!!! That was said in anger and annoyance!!!!

    ps. thank you for keeping my anonymity.

  2. hahahahaha. I was about to add an asterick, saying there was actually no laughing.

  3. I hate when people sneeze in the elevator. Like, there's no where for your sneeze germs to go, but in my mouth.

    I also hate when people are TOO polite, at my old apartment, I would still be outside the main door and people would hold the elevator for me. And I hadn't even got the mail yet or aything. And I only lived on the second floor. How rude is that???

  4. Someone farted next to me on the treadmill last night..imagine that in an elevator?!?!?!?


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