Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winner Uses Manipulation to Steal Recognition, Help Animals

Attention all readers...

It has come to my attention - through intense investigation and unhealthy suspicion of kindness - that we have an impostor among us.

As you know, we had a tie in our MS PAINT Challenge - Christmas Edition... and someone impersonated one of the winners, saying to allow Contestant #1
to take all of the winnings. I trusted the internet and I trusted people... and so, I declared #1 the winner. Contestant #1 then asked me to contribute his $5 winnings to the SPCA. And I happily did.

But then I found out that contestant #1 used his manipulative, kind-hearted spirit to trick me! HE had impersonated contestant #4 in our comment section!

Let me just say this... when my SPCA calendar comes in the mail (from the donation I made) I will RIP IT UP and BURN the remnants. Take that, homeless kittens! Put that in your pipes and smoke it, doomed dogs! Also, in the spirit of giving and Christmas, I was planning on adopting 5-10 needy animals... but now? NADA. I hope the animals (and the IMPOSTOR) have learned their lesson. NOT. I do NOT hope that they learned their lesson.

... oh, no wait. YES, I do hope that they've learned their lesson.


  1. I have a confession to make. Yes, I committed what some (Karyn, Sherri, the police etc.) would consider "fraud". Instead of playing the blame-game I think we should focus on the positive aspects of this semi-crime. A worthy charity is now five dollars richer.

    To make a kitten omelet you have to break some SPCA eggs... or... to make an SPCA omelet you have to break some kittens. Actually let's just abandon that metaphor altogether.

  2. As a make-good, I have made a donation to the SPCA under the name
    "Cptn. The Karyn Germain Newsletter". They will then send me two calenders which I will RE-DONATE to the SPCA thus earning THREE calenders.

    I will continue to collect calenders until this great tragedy is behind us.

  3. When my anger subsides, I will come back and laugh heartily at these comments.

  4. As a loyal contributor to the MS paint contest and an avid reader of the newsletter I must say I am shocked....SHOCKED that this happened. However when you think about it a but more it's pretty funny.

  5. I meant bit more not but more.

  6. We're all shocked, anonymous. ALL of us. ... well... except for Bob, who probably had this planned from the start.

  7. Robot Santa = gold.

    That is all.

  8. I think we should change it from "Robot Santa" to "Lying, Cheating Santa Face."

  9. Thank you Hailey!

    See, I didn't even have to assume her identity! She was under no duress whatsoever! The public loves Robot Santa (or whatever, I forget what I actually named it).

    Is it suspicious that I specifically mentioned she was not under duress? No? Good.

  10. what a terrible and shocking turn of events!


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