Monday, January 12, 2009

SPCA Calendar - The Best Of

Hi animal lovers!

I wanted to share with you my favorite pic-a-chews from my recently obtained SPCA calendar. You can get your very own when you donate $10 (+ $2.00 S&H) to the Edmonton Humane Society/SPCA (now one and the same.)

This is Muppet. He is wearing flippers and goggles and he has curly white hair.

This is Kaiser. She has taut whiskers and is real rambunctious.

This little guy's name is Sweetie. He has a dumb face and a dumb name. (Please note: January 14 is DRESS UP YOUR PET DAY! HOORAY!)

Ever hear of a little baby grey kitten having the grown-up man name of Willie??? UGGHHH cute.

Umm. This is Daisy. ... she has hot pink nails?

UGH!!! Look at these twin pups. Also, look at their stupid names!!! PEANUT AND CHI CHI. ugghhhhhh. I love it.

If I dare say, I think this is my favorite animal name of all time. PIZZA PIE. Ugh. How cute is the name Pizza Pie??? Real. That's the answer.


  1. I love cute* are these photos?!??!


  2. I actually hate muppet.

  3. hahahah SHERRI!! >:( No one hates Muppet.

  4. I hate the entire calendar. real dumb and real stupid idiot animals. goodbye

  5. PS - guess who I am.


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