Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contest Winner Cheats, Loses Prize (SPCA Calendar) Contest Putter-On-er Keeps Calendar, Rejoices

When contest winner Bob Evans recently cheated in the KARYN GERMAIN WEEKLY NEWSLETTER'S MS PAINT Christmas Challenge, he had no idea how much our readers would benefit. Nor how much he would lose. Karyn Germain reports.

Evans' winnings were donated to the Edmonton SPCA, and in return, he was to receive a charming SPCA calendar.

However on Tuesday, December 30, everything changed for the Edmonton man and also, sadly, one Edmonton lady. "He impersonated me! He stole my identity. I'm pretty angry, I guess," says Sherri Hinton, who initially tied for first place with Evans in the popular contest. "He signed in as me and said that I was okay with him taking all of the winnings! It was announced that I had 'bowed out gracefully'! AS IF I would ever bow out gracefully! This contest was super important to me! I painted a dolphin! A freakin' DOLPHIN*!!!"

The readers of the KARYN GERMAIN WEEKLY NEWSLETTER have benefited from the hoax. The cutest animals**from the SPCA calendar will be posted here for all to enjoy at a later date.

Hinton says she feels betrayed, angry and like a mere shell of the beautiful young woman she once was. "It's like someone ... like... broke into my brain wallet and stole my brain ID... and then signed into a website and used my brain ID to lie and take everything from me that was important (i.e. winning a MS Paint contest on a blog only my friends read). And, on top of it all, he isn't even keeping the money for himself! He donated it! To a CHARITY. Lame-o."

Evans was not available for comment at the time of publishing. ... Oh, wait. When reached for comment, Evans said, "AH hahahahaha!"

* Dolphin was actually a tuna

**The ugly animals will not be posted here, nor will they ever be adopted.


  1. Umm Karyn.

    Are you in trouble? IE. Brain wallet, and Brain ID?


  2. Yeah, I'm really clever*.

    *have a ghost writer.


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