Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The MS Paint Challenge Winner Is...

We have had a consession. The winner is... Entry # 1 - Christmas Robot!!!!!!!!!!

Entry # 1 Person, please send me your home mailing address and the hours you plan on being home so I can stalk you. hahahahahahhahaha. jk jk jk. But do send me your mailing address if you want me to mail you your crisp $5 bill winnings.



  1. ha HA! Thank you Karyn!

    I believe I would like to donate my winnings to the SPCA, is this possible?

  2. awwww, Bob! What a great idea. Of course that is possible. I will go donate right now!!!!!! :D

  3. OMG. Look what has happened in my absense: LIES! DECEIT! UNSELFISH GIVING!!!! I'm too late...


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