Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Candy Woes

I was sort of rude to the fix-it guy in our building at work recently. He is the general fix-it guy for the entire building (12 floors.) I wasn't rude because I’m a terrible person… but because he has been driving me crazy for four months now and he deserved it. He comes in every day to look into the candy dish on my counter. When it contains “good” candy, he FILLS HIS POCKETS. He seriously puts a bunch in his mouth and then stocks up for the day. Pretty much empties the bowl.

He doesn’t even work on our floor, or in our department! For the first month, I forced a smile but it really annoyed me. So the past month, our candy hasn’t been as delicious. Right now it’s just these “Mini Fruit” hard candies. No one likes them and so they’ve been sitting here for a month. The fix-it guy has been coming around and looking in the dish and sighing loudly and complaining to me about our selection. I just think it's so rude to come by, and first of all take all of the candy that people have bought for our employees. And then to complain on top of it? Nope, sorry.

Well, last week was the final straw. He came up and said, “Okay, WHO is responsible for this candy??? It's been so bad lately! This is terrible!” And I said “… you know what? There’s a store right downstairs.” (pause, while he stares at me with a straight face) I continued, “Yep. It’s amazing. They carry a bunch of stuff and you can go down there and choose whatever you want!” He stared at me with a surprised (and slightly angry) smile for about 10 seconds. Then he mumbled “there’s a store downstairs, she says….” And walked away. He hasn’t been back up yet! Well, once he came by but when he saw me and realized which floor he was on, he quickly walked away. Also, now he completely ignores me in the elevator. HAHAHAHHAA. It felt great, I’m not gonna lie.


  1. is that your gross paw full of candy??????

  2. UGHHH! I don't have MAN HANDS, Dana!!!!!!!!

  3. Those are totally Karyn's hands.

  4. This was one of your better blogs/stories in a while. No cats or anything.

  5. OK. As a girl who works at "the front desk" I SO know how annoying this is. One day, one of the ladies in here was so fed up with the fact that we didn't have chocolates in the communal dish, that she grabbed it and threw the WHOLE THING IN THE GARBAGE.

    I picked them out and plan on giving them to her for her retirement on Monday. No lie.

  6. What a jackass! When I would raid the engineer candy bowl at my job, I would wait till everyone was on lunch. Then fill up on Reeces. Then I'd go down to the machine shop for their doughnuts. The receptionist only had nasty hard candies
    I never complained, just steered clear.


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