Thursday, October 30, 2008


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, guys and GHOULS! (that's what people call each other at Halloween time, right? To be hilarious and cute?)

Here are some Halloween pictures that I stumbled upon in my travels today. I thought I would share them with you:


I... don't actually know why I'm posting this one. I think because it's strangely disturbing and I didn't want to be the only one to dream about it tonight.

Here are some festive pumpkin men with corn cob arms and jalapeno feet helping themselves to a nice piece of cake!

Umm... okay, so this is a Halloween recipe called, "Mummy Dogs." They look pretty inviting and appetizing, I guess. ..... I hate them. :'(

hehehehehe. Halloween Bentos...
look at the stupid carrot pumpkins!

Candy Corn Kitty :)

PIG PUG!!!!!!!! LOL LOL.

Ummm.... yeah, sorry about this one. This is... a ... pig mask. A... terrifying, lumpy pig mask? Please never wear this around me. I will pee my jeans.

I'll leave you on a good note!!!! Yay! Halloween cross stitch!


  1. Karyn.....thank you so much for updating your website. I was here googling stupid things all day and was delighted to see that Karyn Germain was delivering the good to her subscribers.

    I really like the pig/pug.

  2. You, Karyn , are funny & cute..

    but I would like to point out something about those RICE ghosts.. rice , if left out could get contaminated with SPORES & cause food poisoning, so I really hope no one is eating rice ghosts that have been left out too long..or you WILL have a SCARY HALOWEEN!...

  3. Dana... you are very welcome. I am happy to add something "stupid" to your daily grind.

    Denise - thank you very much for that health lesson. Did all of you little goblins out there read that?? Do NOT leave your rice ghosts out of the fridge for too long because you could die or something. And then YOU would turn into a rice ghost. How would you like that? Probably not very much.

  4. What about rice snowmen??? Are those made out of spores?????


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