Friday, October 10, 2008

~First Ever~
KGWN MS Paint Challenge!!!!

HEY READERS AND FANS (also, people who are obligated to read this because they're my family or friends)!

Today marks the start of the very first MS Paint Challenge! We all know that I am sensational when it comes to the finer points of MS Paint... but the question is - how good are you?

The topic for this challenge is "Happy Thanksgiving." Please work only with MS Paint... and make something beautiful/funny/stupid/breathtaking that has to do with Thanksgiving. Please email your submission(s) to: .

If there are no submissions, then I will automatically win with my attempt...

And, although this is beautiful, I hope it isn't the only entry in our little contest. The winner will enjoy...

Their entry FEATURED on and the Facebook group, Karyn Germain's Weekly Newsletter! As if THAT isn't enough, the winner will also win a very special place in Karyn's heart.

All entries will be featured here and voted on by the viewing public. If you want your name to be kept private, just add that in your email to me.

So, MS Paint it up!!!!!!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I must get working on my MS paint project then.

  2. When are you going to cross-promote me?

  3. Oh yeah.

    Hey, everyone*! Send an email to with "SIGN ME UP SCOTTY" in the subject line to get a really dumb news story sent to your email address every week day!!

    Stories in the past have been "Gay Penguins!", "Smallest Pigs in the World" and "Creepy Gnome Stalks Streets at Night"!

    *everyone = my 3 daily readers, one of whom is Dana

  4. BTW, there have been several* requests asking when the cut off date/time is for this contest.

    Due to the large demand**, the contest will remain open until Tuesday, October 14 at 11:59pm.

    * One

    ** Not true.

  5. This picture looks like the guys from Clockwork Orange giving a pap smear to a deformed bunny on a folding table.


  6. 17 Tiddlywink TrailOctober 10, 2008 at 1:42 PM


  7. Thanks Karyn!!!!!

    I've already had a request to be SIGNED UP!


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