Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reader Email!

Here at THE KARYN GERMAIN NEWSLETTER, we receive countless stories, rumours and breaking news tidbits to share with our readers. Unfortunately, we only have so much space on the internet to post them all!!! I think we only get like three pages of internet per month :-(

That said, today has been a really slow news day for us. I have only received ONE reader email all day. Can you believe it? Here it is:

"Haha... i found a random cucumber in my parking lot. hahaha."

It was a pretty good email to receive, I guess.


  1. that's a pretty solid looking cucumber.

  2. hahahaha YEAH!

    I was actually really surprised to see that it was a fresh, firm, new cucumber!!! Someone really lost out!

    I should delete this blog.

  3. Karyn! I just loooove a fresh, long, firm ribbed cucumber.


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