Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sneaky Cat Earrings!
That's right... wear cat earrings without anyone knowing!

Today I am wearing 'sneaky' cat earrings at work. What are 'sneaky' cat earrings, you ask? Well, from a distance they look like simple dangling silver circles. But once you get up real, real close, you can see that they are actually smiling cat faces!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I've found a way to beat the system. ... to wear cat earrings at work without being made fun of or being alienated by co-workers.

Before, the only cat earrings I could find looked something like this...

Not exactly inconspicuous.

But, let me show you how I can get away with wearing CAT EARRINGS at work.

From a distance.... small, simple, silver blobs...

But close up, they are tiny, adorable SMILING CAT FACES!!! Yessssssssssss.


  1. I applaud your sneakiness! I'm a big fan of systems and how to beat them.

  2. I like the earrings in the first picture better.

  3. TOO FUNNY... remember when those "mean" people at your old work bugged you about your brown apples... I bet they would have bugged you about cat earrings even more. Those bastards!

  4. Yeah, they probably would have. I'm so glad I'm out of that hell hole!!!!

    Anonymous, wait...


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