Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sneaky Cat Earrings!
That's right... wear cat earrings without anyone knowing!

Today I am wearing 'sneaky' cat earrings at work. What are 'sneaky' cat earrings, you ask? Well, from a distance they look like simple dangling silver circles. But once you get up real, real close, you can see that they are actually smiling cat faces!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I've found a way to beat the system. ... to wear cat earrings at work without being made fun of or being alienated by co-workers.

Before, the only cat earrings I could find looked something like this...

Not exactly inconspicuous.

But, let me show you how I can get away with wearing CAT EARRINGS at work.

From a distance.... small, simple, silver blobs...

But close up, they are tiny, adorable SMILING CAT FACES!!! Yessssssssssss.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Deal Good Enough to Lick!

Those of you who know me well know that I like two things in life - graffiti and getting a bargain. Well, imagine my surprise (and delight) when I got to enjoy both of my passions together.... at the same time!

Whilst shopping recently, I came across this little gem:

I ended up getting it for only 99 cents!!!!!!!!

I would lick ANYTHING for a deal like that - am I right, Ladies??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Readers, meet this new kitty friend!

Oh, hello! Thanks for stopping by. I want to introduce you to a new kitty friend that I met on Sunday. Her name is Black and White Spotty Face. :D She was soooo sweet! Also, real meow-y.

I met her on the street when I was driving somewhere. I had to get out and take pictures of that dumb face! :D :D :D MEOW!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The week... in words!

Karyn has had a very busy week! This past weekend was a LONG WEEKEND – although I’m pretty sure we can all agree that it was NOT LONG ENOUGH!!! Hey? Hahahaha. That’s a really funny joke that you can say to friends and/or co-workers if you want them to laugh.

Karyn started off the long weekend with a nice relaxing evening at home, watching Meerkat Manor and munching on some popped corn. Mmm!

On Sunday evening, Karyn painted ceramic cat faces with a good friend.

And, even though Karyn failed Art 10, she managed to make her ceramic cat face come alive with a little paint! I’m sure you will agree.

On Monday, Karyn went on a walk and came across a rabbit. The rabbit was trying to cross the street but then a car was coming and then Karyn whispered to the rabbit, “Stay there, little one. Don’t cross the street quite yet.” And then the rabbit stayed safe and didn’t die. And then Karyn became a hero :D :D :D.

The End.

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