Friday, June 20, 2008

Sea-Monkeys: Excitement Galore!

I'm sure no one here will be surprised when I tell you that I'm starting up a Sea-Monkey colony. My boyfriend bought me a "starter kit" a couple of months ago. Well, four days ago, I set it up and added the "Instant Live Eggs."

And even though I didn't see any "instant" eggs or babies right away, it was pretty exciting, I guess...

So then I started reading the little pamphlet that came with the Sea-Monkey starter kit. It includes a bunch of extra stuff that you can special order in... to assist you in enjoying your "hobby" even more. Here are some excerpts that I would like to share with you:

"Sea-Diamonds: This heap of sparkling 'sea gems' make Sea-Monkeys happy by giving them toys that they will really play with! Watch the Sea-Monkeys have fun by tossing the Sea-Diamonds around like beach balls. They even learn to climb up and ride them as if they were surf boards and get much needed 'exercise.'"

OK. How gross is this???? I seriously started getting freaked out after reading this!! I don't want my Sea-Monkeys to "learn" or "play" or "climb" or "ride" ANYTHING!!! YUCK!!!! How gross would that be?

"Sea-Monkey Aqua Leash: Here is a MUCH-NEEDED tool to safely handle Sea-Monkeys! Over 8 1/2" long, it's a Sea-Monkey 'picker-upper' that works by suction and cannot injure even the biggest Sea-Monkeys that you can grow."

ewwwww. Who would want to suction up big, fat Sea-Monkeys? That scares me. A lot.

"LIVE Sea-Monkeys RACING GAME: At last! A real live action sport for both YOU and your pet Sea-Monkeys! Here is how it works - whenever Sea-Monkeys encounter a stream of water flowing in one direction, they will swim upstream against the current every time! To create a game for Sea-Monkeys and people, a racetrack was invented in which water can flow in only one direction. When the checkered flag is raised, they're OFF TO THE RACES! You jockey your pet! The first to cross the finish line wins! Excitement galore!"

hahahaha. Sick.

Needless to say, I won't be buying any of this stuff for my "pets."

Look how gross this one looks!!!!!! With his strong, muscular male body! Gross.

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  1. Oh lord Karyn. I'm crying over the sick muscular manly sea monkey.

    uuuggghhhh. ahhhhhh


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