Friday, June 13, 2008

Karyn Made a Movie!

Oft times, I go looking around the "world wide web" for something interesting to do, to look at or to read. (Never while I'm at work, though! Lol! Lol!)

Anyway, obviously there are the old standbys.... Facebook, Perez, google images (karyn's most searched-for items: "cute kitten hat", "puppy tiny legs walking" or "pigs pink moist tail") and my new favorite site, which has all sorts of reviews on makeup products. But after an hour or two of these sites, I start getting pretty bored.

So, lately, I've been trying to find new, good websites to visit to beat the boredom.

This site is probably the least helpful I've come across. It shares tips on how to keep yourself busy by engaging in the following activities: "Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show", "pretend to be a car" and the always satisfying "make a low buzzing noise." Umm... yeah... I said I was bored, not a stupid-wanting-to-pretend-things-idiot. (p.s. I made a low buzzing noise for 46 seconds :D :D :D)

This site, isn't too bad... PLUS, it had the link for my new favorite past-time... MAKING YOUR OWN MOVIE FILM!!!!! Well, kind of. More like MAKING YOUR VERY OWN, VERY SHORT DIGITAL FILM THAT SUCKS! Click on this link to watch my first attempt.... .

You can make your own movie films by clicking here...


  1. Oh Germain. You're a pretty good producer, I guess.

    Ps. :D

  2. KARYNNNN that movie was really good!

    This is a good website too...

    You can buy cheap purses and jewelry and stuff from angry exes!!! :)

  3. hahahaha... wow, that site is great! Thanks. :D


    Roller Coasters!


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