Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exciting Pig Game??

This is an email I seriously just received from my Mom:

"Hi Karyn,

We bought an exciting pig game at a garage sale so would you & Tyler like to come over and play on the weekend?"

hahahaha!!! UGH! My Mom is the cutest person in the world.

BTW, this is what I am picturing as the "exciting pig game":

It looks pretty exciting, I guess.


  1. i bet it's actually a REAL pig and the game is called "pull the pig's tail out straight then let go and giggle as it recoils back like a moist, pink spring!

    sandy's real good at picking out games, i guess. did she buy hungry hungry hippos too?

  2. hahahaha!! I LOVE that new game you've created. Especially the part where you get to annoy and hurt the animals!! :D :D :D

    Well, at my parent's house we DO happen to ALSO own "Pig Pong"(Ping pong, but with inflated plastic pig's bodies.)

    We're a pretty normal family, I guess.

  3. OMG!!!! my sister and i used to* play Pig Pong alllll the time!!! i loved squeezing their squishy rubber bodies and blowing their sweet pig air on my brow on a hot summer day. :D

    (*used to=the present. every weekend)

  4. hahaha. Yeah I LOVED blowing their two tiny streams of warm, rubbery-smelling pig air onto my face!!!

    Man, was that refreshing.

  5. I like ker-plunk, myself.

  6. Oh my God, PIG PONG! My sisters used to own that! They never let me play, but it sure LOOKED like fun! And looking at fun is the same thing as participating in fun, right? Am I right?

  7. Hi Karyn Germain. I believe we have a date this summer for games night NOT including *cranium. I'm excited that its going to be a night of hippos and moist piggies!!!

    (*no laughing during this game)

  8. BAHH! Yes, for sure.

    We also have to try & find someone who has Mouse Trap.

  9. MOUSE TRAP!!! *embarrassed* (I forgot about that one).

    I hope we can also play 6 minutes in heaven. Also, spin the bottle.

  10. It's been a week now since this was first posted...still waiting for some kind of review of "the exciting pig game.'

  11. Oh, okay!!

    So the game is called "Pass the Pigs." I'm not quite sure why it's called that... since you never actually pass any pigs. At most you throw pigs. You get two little rubber pigs, which you throw like dice. You get a certain number of points added (or subtracted) depending on how they land. (i.e. "a trotter" - on its feet, "double jowels" - if both pigs land on their jowels, etc.)

    I will admit that it was pretty fun. Also, the pig dice are super cute and leave little pink smudge marks all over the table... from their snouts! aww!


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