Monday, June 30, 2008

And now.... what you've all been waiting for ... a Sea-Monkey Update!

Today the Sea-Monkeys are two weeks old. It is so weird how fast time goes... it feels like only yesterday I was still holding that tiny packet of Instant Live Eggs in my hand. They grow up soooo fast!!!

At the 5 day mark, it was the Sea-Monkey's first feeding. It went well. The "food" is a green powered substance that smells suspiciously like V-8 Juice.

The Sea-Monkeys have really grown in the past 2 weeks. They went from being so small that I couldn't see them... to big enough for me to see them. So.... that's uhhh... quite a lot. A couple of nights ago, I decided that I would take a few pictures of them for you, dear reader(s).

So, camera in hand, I innocently walked over to their tank. Well, my little naive eyes focused in on quite a sight! A pair of the monkeys were having SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MATING!!! At two weeks old! I was disgusted. Also, I'm pretty sure that they're all brothers and sisters in there.

Last night I checked on them again... and another pair were mating!! Yuck. They're supposed to be really cute and innocent. Also, they're my little sea babies. >:( If they keep having sex galore, I am dumping them into the toilet. ... AND FLUSHING!

(... unless they're just learning and playing and piggybacking each other? Then that would be really cute.)

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  1. This blog is making me reaaaal hungry. Also, aroused.


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