Monday, June 30, 2008

And now.... what you've all been waiting for ... a Sea-Monkey Update!

Today the Sea-Monkeys are two weeks old. It is so weird how fast time goes... it feels like only yesterday I was still holding that tiny packet of Instant Live Eggs in my hand. They grow up soooo fast!!!

At the 5 day mark, it was the Sea-Monkey's first feeding. It went well. The "food" is a green powered substance that smells suspiciously like V-8 Juice.

The Sea-Monkeys have really grown in the past 2 weeks. They went from being so small that I couldn't see them... to big enough for me to see them. So.... that's uhhh... quite a lot. A couple of nights ago, I decided that I would take a few pictures of them for you, dear reader(s).

So, camera in hand, I innocently walked over to their tank. Well, my little naive eyes focused in on quite a sight! A pair of the monkeys were having SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MATING!!! At two weeks old! I was disgusted. Also, I'm pretty sure that they're all brothers and sisters in there.

Last night I checked on them again... and another pair were mating!! Yuck. They're supposed to be really cute and innocent. Also, they're my little sea babies. >:( If they keep having sex galore, I am dumping them into the toilet. ... AND FLUSHING!

(... unless they're just learning and playing and piggybacking each other? Then that would be really cute.)

Friday, June 27, 2008


Sherri told me today that she's going to dump out my sea monkeys. :(

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sea-Monkeys: Excitement Galore!

I'm sure no one here will be surprised when I tell you that I'm starting up a Sea-Monkey colony. My boyfriend bought me a "starter kit" a couple of months ago. Well, four days ago, I set it up and added the "Instant Live Eggs."

And even though I didn't see any "instant" eggs or babies right away, it was pretty exciting, I guess...

So then I started reading the little pamphlet that came with the Sea-Monkey starter kit. It includes a bunch of extra stuff that you can special order in... to assist you in enjoying your "hobby" even more. Here are some excerpts that I would like to share with you:

"Sea-Diamonds: This heap of sparkling 'sea gems' make Sea-Monkeys happy by giving them toys that they will really play with! Watch the Sea-Monkeys have fun by tossing the Sea-Diamonds around like beach balls. They even learn to climb up and ride them as if they were surf boards and get much needed 'exercise.'"

OK. How gross is this???? I seriously started getting freaked out after reading this!! I don't want my Sea-Monkeys to "learn" or "play" or "climb" or "ride" ANYTHING!!! YUCK!!!! How gross would that be?

"Sea-Monkey Aqua Leash: Here is a MUCH-NEEDED tool to safely handle Sea-Monkeys! Over 8 1/2" long, it's a Sea-Monkey 'picker-upper' that works by suction and cannot injure even the biggest Sea-Monkeys that you can grow."

ewwwww. Who would want to suction up big, fat Sea-Monkeys? That scares me. A lot.

"LIVE Sea-Monkeys RACING GAME: At last! A real live action sport for both YOU and your pet Sea-Monkeys! Here is how it works - whenever Sea-Monkeys encounter a stream of water flowing in one direction, they will swim upstream against the current every time! To create a game for Sea-Monkeys and people, a racetrack was invented in which water can flow in only one direction. When the checkered flag is raised, they're OFF TO THE RACES! You jockey your pet! The first to cross the finish line wins! Excitement galore!"

hahahaha. Sick.

Needless to say, I won't be buying any of this stuff for my "pets."

Look how gross this one looks!!!!!! With his strong, muscular male body! Gross.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Karyn Made a Movie!

Oft times, I go looking around the "world wide web" for something interesting to do, to look at or to read. (Never while I'm at work, though! Lol! Lol!)

Anyway, obviously there are the old standbys.... Facebook, Perez, google images (karyn's most searched-for items: "cute kitten hat", "puppy tiny legs walking" or "pigs pink moist tail") and my new favorite site, which has all sorts of reviews on makeup products. But after an hour or two of these sites, I start getting pretty bored.

So, lately, I've been trying to find new, good websites to visit to beat the boredom.

This site is probably the least helpful I've come across. It shares tips on how to keep yourself busy by engaging in the following activities: "Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show", "pretend to be a car" and the always satisfying "make a low buzzing noise." Umm... yeah... I said I was bored, not a stupid-wanting-to-pretend-things-idiot. (p.s. I made a low buzzing noise for 46 seconds :D :D :D)

This site, isn't too bad... PLUS, it had the link for my new favorite past-time... MAKING YOUR OWN MOVIE FILM!!!!! Well, kind of. More like MAKING YOUR VERY OWN, VERY SHORT DIGITAL FILM THAT SUCKS! Click on this link to watch my first attempt.... .

You can make your own movie films by clicking here...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Easy Idiot Rules!

I was reading someone's blog and came across this ad:

10 Rules for Stomach Fat
Lose 9 lbs Every 11 Days By Following these 10 Easy Idiot Rules

hahahahaha "Easy Idiot Rules"??? How mean? I guess calling someone who has to lose belly fat an 'idiot' would motivate them quite a bit.

"FatLoss4Idiots" is a pretty nice website name, too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exciting Pig Game??

This is an email I seriously just received from my Mom:

"Hi Karyn,

We bought an exciting pig game at a garage sale so would you & Tyler like to come over and play on the weekend?"

hahahaha!!! UGH! My Mom is the cutest person in the world.

BTW, this is what I am picturing as the "exciting pig game":

It looks pretty exciting, I guess.

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