Monday, May 12, 2008

When Kids Are Smarter Than Adults...

I made a faux pas yesterday at a family function by *accidentally* bringing on the whole "homosexuality talk" with my cousin and her young daughter. Oops! Here's how it went down:

Setting: Sitting with several adults and one child at the dinner table.

Me: ... and so yeah, then we took a ferry to the island.

Annika (cousin's daughter): I know what a ferry is!

Me: Ohh. Very good!

Annika: Actually, I know TWO kinds of ferries.

Me: Well, one could say there are actually THREE types of ferries! (lol)

(knowing laughter from adults)

Annika: WHAT? What's the third kind?

Annika's Mom: Thanks, Karyn.

Me: Oops.

Annika: What other kind of ferries are there, Mom?

Annika's Mom: Ummm... uhhh...

Annika: TELL ME!

Annika's Mom: Karyn, why don't you explain it...

Me: Okay. Umm... Well, you see, Annika, when a man loves anoth-

Annika's Mom: NO! KARYN! STOP!

Annika: What is the third kind of ferry???!!

Me: Ummm... oh, you know what? I miscounted. There ARE only two types. You were right.

Annika: (not buying it for one second) TELL ME!

Everyone looks at each other awkwardly. Several people clear their throats. The rest pretend to be overly interested in their hamburgers.

Me: Well! ... I'm done eating. I'm going to head on inside.


  1. Preston and Chestnut are my goldfish. They are gay married to each other. Also, I'm a gay baby.

  2. Just say, "the third is kind like Bert and Ernie on Seasame Street."

  3. Well, all I was going to say was, "When a man loves another man, they hug real tight under the blankets." I think it sounds beautiful.

  4. ''They hug real tight under the blankets''?!?!? Oh Karyn. You should teach human sexuality to elementary kids (srsly).

  5. Haha! That's great!
    But seriously...what is the third kind?


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