Thursday, May 22, 2008

The... Swinging Blue Jeans?


I have not forgotten about you, dear reader(s).

But... I have writer's block galore right now. So I will leave you with a picture I found while scrounching around on the internet.

I guess this is ... like... a band or something? Has anyone heard these guys "play"? I would LOVE to hear them. I wonder what they play? "Swing", I guess. haha.

Also, their clothing reminds me of when some families get portraits taken... and they all wear some sort of jean clothing. You know? To sort of match, while still remaining hip and casual? So, you've got the dad, who's wearing a blue jean vest, the mom is wearing a blue jean sweater with jean jacket-shaped earrings and the three darling children are wearing jean button-up shirts and varied pants. Sick.


  1. WHAT?! These guys are classic! Have you never heard of a little song called "Hippy Hippy Shake"?!

    (My parents wouldn't let me listen to music written after 1973)

  2. Oh my gracious! I had NO idea they did Hippy Hippy Shake!!!


    I wish there was a moving picture video :(

  3. I developed a giant grin when I saw Bob's post *grin*.

    Classic Song!


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