Thursday, May 1, 2008

Catching up...

Hi friends! I am back!! yay! Thanks, SHERRI H, for filling in with your terrific (and often wiener-filled) guest blogs! :)

I was in Nanaimo, B.C. for 5 days visiting my brother and sister-in-law. It was really nice, as I hadn't been on "vacation" or left Alberta for about 4 years. It was absolutely beautiful there... and I already miss the salty ocean air blowing in my face. AND, the gorgeous greenery!

I took this pic-a-ture.

I will be posting some trip photos in the next couple of days, but I have a couple of stories off the top of my head to account for today's blog. Today's BLOGGITY BLOG. Today's BLOGGERDY BLOGSTER. haha! I'm funny!!!

- Yesterday on the flight home I was so, so, so happy to see that they had Flight of the Conchords available as one of the shows you could watch on those little personal TVs. It is my all-time favorite show.. and I've gotten my parent's watching it, too. So, yesterday on the plane, we all synchronized our little TVs to be watching the same episode of FotC and then we were able to turn and look at each other's laughing faces and know that we were all enjoying the same comical moment. It was cute.

- We stopped at McDonald's on the way home from the airport. I ordered the food and as I waited at the counter, the new cashier in training made eye contact with me and, without any prompting from me, managed to tell me extremely personal health issues within a matter of two minutes. Here is our conversation:

Cashier: "Yeah I have learned not to take THOSE anymore!!!!!! HAHAHAHA"

Karyn: (to be polite) "Uhh... what?"

Cashier: "Well, I have a bladder infection, right? Yeah, a really bad one. So the doctor gives me pain killers, hey? So here I was this morning, first day at my new job, and I popped a few! So, then I was throwing up all the time and they had to cover for me!! hahaha! I would take an order and then run to throw up. I learned not to take THOSE anymore, I will tell you that!!!!!"

Karyn: "Oh. Yeah. I bet! ha..ha..." *looking around*

Cashier: "Yep. Bladder infections are THE WORST. HAHAHA"

Karyn: "Mmhmm. Oh! Is that my order? There? Behind... you?"

Cashier: "YEP it is! Hey, if you need anything else, anything, just come right back up, okay?"

Karyn: "Okay! ha.. thanks."

I must have one of "those faces".... that invite strangers to tell me about their bladder infections. :( Also, what kind of food service person discusses their bladder and vomit while handing you your tray full of food? That said, I still wolfed it down like nobody's business...


  1. I LOVE McDonalds. Also, airports and traveling. I'm 30, never been married , and have recently moved back in with my mother to save up for school. I like hugs and gumdrops, and I enjoy long heart to heart chats while making peach jam.

  2. I LOVE killing dumb people named Sara. (also, making peach jam.)

  3. hahah..really though I hear bladder infections are just terrible.

    Karyn man, I've had the worst case of diarrhea lately. I'll tell you about it later.

  4. uggghhhhh.

    Okay. Call me collect!!!!


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