Friday, May 30, 2008



I think I may know why you have writer's block at times. Your blog is called "The Karyn Germain Weekly Newsletter", yet when it first came out you were updating it almost daily. I'll admit first I felt like I had been the victim of false advertising. I thought, "Why is she writing everyday? This isn't what I signed up for! I can't possibly keep up with this pace!" But then the anger subsided and I just enjoyed your sweet jokes and pictures of cats.

So I guess my question is...why do you "publish" a new newsletter so often? My apologies if this subject is too personal, but it has been bothering me for a while.

Crazy for Craisins in Cranbrook

Dear Ungrateful Bastard... oops, I mean CfCiC,

Thank you so much for your question.

One may say that I update my blog so much because I am not unlike an insecure lover. I feel that if I disappear from the forefront of people's minds, they will forget to come back and check my website. They'll move onto a bigger, prettier, better website. One that puts out on the first date and bakes delicious cookies. And then their love for me will fade. And then I will fade. You hear me? FADE. Do you want that, CfCiC??? DO YOU?

Call me.

p.s. Also, if I don't update very often, I get complaints. Complaints come at me from all angles, day and night, night and day!!*

*has never actually happened.

p.p.s. craisins suck.


  1. Karyn, I apologize! I never meant for my question to be taken as a complaint. I was merely concerned for your writer's block and the "peer pressure" you must feel to update your blog everyday. I had a feeling this subject was too personal. In the future I will stick to questions about cats.

    p.s. Have you ever tried Craisins? They are the greatest pseudo-fruit ever created!

  2. Hi CFCIC,

    You know I love you more than most people. And I thought your question was funny.


    No worries.

    Please DO ask me cat questions!! It's the only subject I ACTUALLY know anything about.

    I think I've had one craisin in my life. It was okay. (Keep in mind that I hate raisins and I don't really like cranberries.)

  3. They're all sugar, Karyn!!! Don't eat them!!!!!!!


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