Friday, May 9, 2008


Dear Readers,

Recently I have been sent a question to the WORLD FAMOUS ASSSSK KARYN! mailbox. Unfortunately, I am having a bit of trouble answering it. I just can't decide what to say. So, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I am throwing this question out to you, dear readers. Let's come together and help "Disgusted in Delaware."

Please leave your advice for him/her in the comments section.

Here is my dilemma...I have this friend who I have known for a long time. We haven't been hanging out as much in recent years, but we are good pals and get along great.
The problem: He smells. BAD. One time we were hanging out at my place and I noticed that he smelled weird. At first I thought "maybe he forgot to shower today." But after he left my place, I realized that his pungent odour was still present in my living room. I won't lie. I was disturbed. But it was nothing a little Febreeze couldn't handle.

Then the next time we hung out, I noticed that he was wearing the exact same clothing as before (and the time before that as well.) I jokingly said, "Hey, you were wearing those same clothes the last two times I saw you!" To which he said, "Well, yeah...I wear these clothes everyday." Horrified, I then asked, " often do you wash them?" He replied, "I don't know...once in a while." He also mentioned that he wears those same clothes to the gym and then doesn't shower afterward! Needless to say, I have been reluctant to hang out with him since.

So, ASKKK KARYN!, I need your advice. How do I tell my friend that his lack of hygiene is disgusting and I want to be nowhere near him until it improves? (Also keep in mind, that I am not opposed to using those exact words, but I figured you might be able to come up with something a little better.)

Disgusted in Delaware (Long time reader, first time writer-inner.)

Maybe just loan him this book? Just draw a little "winky face" on the inside cover.


  1. I think it would be best if you broach the subject carfeully with grace and compassion. Maybe subtly ask him about his outfit again, when he says that he wears it all the time you can then repsond with "Well you smell. It smells." Then look knowingly into the sunset and walk away slowly.

  2. hahaha. Yeah, that'll cushion the blow.

  3. hmmmm...this is a tough one. well, i think everything is better said with gifts. and in this case you could make it a THEME gift! present your friend with a basket of pleasant-smelling bounty--deoderant, body spray, breath mints, scented candles, and perhaps even a brand new outfit with a tiny bottle of laundry detergent to get him started washing those nasty duds. yeah, i'm pretty sure a gift will make the 'you stink' confrontation go waaaay smoother.

    also, you're welcome :)

  4. heyyy... Miss Manners! I got this same gift for my most recent birthday! >:(

  5. Well I think you should just be honest and send him a secret email.


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