Friday, May 23, 2008

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Last night I watched a special on Animal Planet about Tasmanian devils (I lead a pretty exciting life, I guess.) Anyway, today I can't stop thinking about these creatures. They are 60% cute and 40% scary and rat-like, but I think I do fancy them.

That's right. Tasmanian Devils don't only belong on YTV's Looney Tunes. They also belong in real life!

Here are some questions about these marsupials from a reader:

How big are they, Karyn?: Medium. They're medium.

Do they bite, Karyn?: Yes, they sure do! They bite real hard.

Do they eat meat or salad?: Meat.

What do baby Tasmanian devil babies look like?: They're sooo cute!! But, interestingly, they stay in the Mom's pouch for about 5 months! Also, they are attached to the Mom's teats that entire time. Seriously!

Do the teats taste like milkshakes? Vanilla milkshakes?: Sherri....

Here are some pics of tasmanian devils... what do you think? Cute or gross?

I like that they have 900 long whiskers. They snarl and scream sometimes... but they're actually just scared and looking for love. (We women can relate to that, hey? Lol! Lol!)

hee hee! Baby ones!

BAH! Scary!!! But it's protecting it's babies. :D :D :D

Okay, this one is the cutest I could find. I wish I had him in my grasp and/or pouch.

Aww, little sleeping. Or... no... wait. No, this doesn't look like sleeping at all. This one might be dead. Yeah, I think it's dead. Don't look!! Stop looking!

And here's a vid-ya... see? Kind of cute.


  1. Karyn, I was showing one of my nieces the nice, cute pictures of the Tasmanian Devils. Each one was cuter than the last. Things were going well UNTIL WE GOT TO THE DEAD ONE. If two year old girl named Binx asks you about Tasmanian Devils you will relate the following "facts"

    1) Tasmanian Devils sleep during the day.
    2) Tasmanian Devils sleep on their stomach's, fully spread out.
    3) No one ever dies. EVER.

  2. hahaha!!!! OMG, Bob.

    I am so, so, so sorry.

    If it's any consolation, I actually DON'T think the tasmanian devil is dead. That was just a sweet joke!!

    ... a sweet, hurtful, terrifying joke.

  3. In the words of our very own Karyn Germain, I would have to say that particular little fella is just relaxin' with real casual arms. Also, legs.

  4. ... also, heart. His heart beat is real casual, too.


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