Friday, April 25, 2008

Would you like to holiday in St. Germain?

Two things for today:

The Ad today says,

"Holiday Inn in St Germain
Hotels in Paris. Low rates guaranteed. Official Site."

hahahahha. Because my last name is Germain??? I guess?


Also, I was trying to type the word "niceties" just now, but I spelled it like this... "niceities" and I noticed that it looks A LOT like I was typing the phrase, "nice titties." But I wasn't. I'm a lady.


  1. Hey man, a compliment is a compliment. I takes 'em when I can gets 'em.

  2. By the by, have I told you lately that you've got nice titties?

  3. They ARE pretty awesome. Sorry, I meant they are pretty AND awesome.

  4. I know I love a pair of nice titties. Especially moist ones.

  5. Okay, we all know who THAT is.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Karyn! You little rascal... It IS me! You win a night of terrible orgasms. Also, moist ones.

    (I've really got my perv on today, lucky readers!!!)

  7. I bet the real Angela Bower is plotting her revenge right now.

  8. HAHAHA no no, I'm not plotting Sherri, I'm laughing my ass off at this sweet blog. What a classy bunch you folks are.

    Excuse me for a moment while I polish my giant glasses and feather my bangs.


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