Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Bob Has Been Doing Since I've Been Away...

My friend Bob made me this sweet pie graph (He's real dumb.)

I'm glad that my friends are still doing important things with their time since I've been away.

See y'all tomorrow and/or Thursday!!!!!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA re: 'Ghost Fear'.

    Oh boy, thats rich.

  2. Hey Bob, what about Reading Sherri's Guest Blogs???? HEY?? You forgot that oie slice and "Being a big ol'jerk." Also, "Getting burnt, BIG TIME."

    you forgot all of those slicers. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to sob loudly into my pillow.

  3. Also, oie is internet slang for pie.

  4. HAHAHAHHAAHA re. oie.

    I did read your blogs Sherri, why do you think I NEEDED ALL THOSE NAPS!!

    Oh! That was in caps because it was such a sweet burn that I yelled it in my head!

    No seriously though, you've been awesome. Let's hear it for Sherri everyone, put your hands together:

    *initiates non-sarcastic applause*


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