Monday, April 28, 2008

Total Yawn Factory- Sherri Guest Blog

In Junior High I was on the Student Support Team, which we all know is code for Student Nerd Team. Our purpose was to be the good listener, the shoulder for our fellow students to cry on. I was trained on how to listen, but I could never fully master the skill.

I don't know what it is, but as soon as someone starts talking to me about something boring I tune them out and start thinking "Man, this is boring." I'll sit there watching that mouth yammer on and think to myself "Holy yawn factory! Who invited me to this bore-a-thon??"

Sometimes I'll throw in the occasional "Ummm...yes" or "Well, I don't see what's wrong with that" to make it seems like I'm listening (something I picked up in Student Nerd Team training.) Someone could suggest that killing puppies is the only logical solution and I would respond with a cheerful "Yes. Sounds good to me."

But then I start to worry. As soon as my internal monologue kicks in re: super boring convo, I immediately think this person might be psychic and that they're reading my mind- which I'm sure has happened many times to many boring psychics. So, like any normal person, I frantically remind myself to stop thinking about how boring this person is and to NOT think about anything inappropriate- just in case they are psychic. But my mind always wanders into the gutter. I'm not going to say how far into the gutter I go (that varies depending on how attractive the person is), I'll just say it's stuff you wouldn't want the other person to know you're thinking. Does anyone else do this? Karyn told me this isn't normal, but Karyn isn't exactly normal know...

Also, I have no idea how to place pictures with this blog thing. Here is a kitty yawning.


  1. Yes. Sounds good to me.

  2. See, now I'm not going to be able to talk to you without wondering what inappropriate things you're thinking about. This of course will lead me to think about inappropriate things, meaning that we'll both be sitting there with our minds in the gutter and having a very boring conversation.

    So to summarize: I'm really excited about the next time we talk.

  3. Me too, Anon ;););)


  4. I was denied entry into the Student Support Team... *sniff* - followed by - *haunted gaze*

  5. hahahahaha.

    UGH!! Sherri, you stop cute little guest blogging RIGHT NOW!! You're precious.

  6. p.s. now we're getting PSYCHIC ads!!! hahahaha.

  7. Now the ad is for 'do you think your baby is cute'. I don't get it. Where did THAT one come from? I know my baby is cute but my baby is also a hotdog.

    *Sigh. I don't know wtf I'm on about this time. The ad threw me for a loop*


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