Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spill the Beans, re: Wieners

Dear Readers... please weigh in with your opinions on this very important matter.

Here's how it all began:


Karyn: I had macaroni for supper tonight.

Sherri: Did it have hot dogs in it?

Karyn: Umm... no. Also, the question should be "did it have wieners in it." The term 'hot dog' means the wiener AND the bun. Together.

Sherri: Nuh uh!

Karyn: (laughing, real cute-like) YES!! A hot dog is when you have a wiener in a BUN. If it doesn't have a bun, then it's just called a wiener.

Sherri: NO!!! A hot dog can mean just the wiener part OR a wiener with a bun. It's a multi-purpose word.

Karyn: But if you walked up to a vendor on the street and said, "Can I please have a hot dog?" and he handed you just a naked wiener, wouldn't you be perplexed?


So, okay, what do YOU think a hot dog is? Is it just the wiener part, or is it when a wiener comes together with a bun?

Stop looking at these really cute pictures!! We need your opinions. (Also, how delish would that soft little head taste?)


Sherri, see, THIS is a wiener. Also, hahahaha how cute of a picture???


UGHHHH!!! Little stupid baby face popping out of a wiener. On a related note, only BABIES refer to wieners as "hot dogs." ... Only STUPID babies.


Update: The results of the poll.... KARYN wins! (It also looks a lot closer than it actually was... Sherri cheated GALORE!) Also, who are the jackfaces who chose the third option??!

A "hot dog" can refer to just the wiener part - 11 Votes (37%)

A "hot dog" is when there's a wiener AND a bun - 16 Votes (55%)

Karyn has really stupid polls - 2 Votes (6%)

Total Votes: 29


  1. Karyn is right. She will continue to be right in perpetuity on this, or any other issue.

    To sum up: Karyn, I need $500.

  2. Um I'm going to side with Sherri on this one. Only because this post gave me dumb overload after all those dumb dumb photos.

    Also, weiner is just a gross word.

  3. Well, let's see. Because I'm a geek who takes things way too seriously, I find that the best way to settle debates like this is to see what Wikipedia has to say.

    According to the Wikipedia entry on Hot Dogs:

    "A hot dog is a type of fully-cooked, cured and/or smoked moist sausage of soft, even, texture and flavor."

    "Another term for hot dogs is wieners or weenies, referring to the city of Vienna, Austria, whose German name is "Wien", home to a sausage made of a mixture of pork and beef."

    "In the United Kingdom the term hot dog refers to the combination of sausage and bun, with the terms wiener or 'hot dog sausage' being more common terms for the sausage itself."

    So, there you have it.

  4. Well, as Michael Scott would say:

    "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information."


  5. HAHAHAHA Wikipedia said 'moist'.

  6. SARA!!! Are you going to get grounded??

  7. I hope so, I've been naughty.

  8. I'm with Karyn. Calling a wiener a hot dog is like calling a piece of bologna and some cheese that's been put on a plate a sandwich. You need tbe bread people.

  9. Karyn is super smart. Also, correct.

    Who put that ugly picture of an ugly cat knawing on a cold cut??? gross.

  10. Adam: AMEN, MAH BROTHA!!!!

    Meredith: I DID! :D hahahaha.

  11. Okay. Given the choice between calling it a "hot dog" or a "wiener", I'll go with hot dog any day...unless I feel like being a revolting human being. HOT DOGS ARE WARM WIENERS!!!! That's why they're called HOT dogs. This is going to end a friendship. I can see it now.

  12. Hahahaha! Only two people have voted in the offical poll. Judging by the results, I think we safely assume who they are...

  13. hahahahahahaha I know, right??!!

  14. I think we can settle this with a hotdog eating contest. You know, the kind where you 'moisten' the hotdog in a glass of water to make it easier to swallow?

    HAHAHAHAH moist.

  15. Sherri is right. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, hey?

    Spaghetti can mean both the uncooked, brittle strands of pasta OR that same pasta cooked in water with salt and topped with delicious sauces and spices. Like hot dog, it can refer both to the final product with all its accoutrements, or to the base ingredient itself.

    Also, wiener is a nasty word, as can be observed in the following sentence: "On Karyn's blog there is a picture of a pussy swallowing a wiener." Shame on you! Shame!

  16. STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Hungry for hotdogs.April 11, 2008 at 4:17 PM

    Karyn, you are real sweet at creating controversy. First, cakesters, now, hotdogs/wieners. You are unstoppable. Next, world domination.

    Also, I've decided to have hotdogs for supper. So thanks, I guess.

  18. Steve's comment's wins for best slash worst comment of all time. UGH. I'm still laughing at that.

  19. Now if only we could find a picture with a donkey eating a hotdog. Well, that would be an ASS swallowing a wiener. HAHAHA

    I'm not posting my name, that was really embarrassing.

  20. i haven't been in Grande Prairie that long, but i didn't know they opened up Atkin's hot dog stands in Edmonton! So if you do get vendor Atkin's "weiner", you're gonna walk around the city grasping this thing in your palm?

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  22. I had to read between the lines a bit ... but I think this "shruthi" guy agrees with me.


  23. HAHAHAH Karyn!!! Your add is for a hotdog cart!!! hahahaha

  24. Neither of you is correct.

    The correct term for a naked wiener is Pork Sword

    - Adam

  25. I would agree with the term Pork Sword. The bun is called the Pork Sheath. Or Housing, if you will.

  26. That anon is CHRISTIE!!! You already used "sheath" with me in convo!!!! You're busted!!!!

  27. Alright who is posting comments and signing as me? I haven't used the term pork sword in years and only after reading it in a Penthouse letter and thinking it was funny (true story...mine, not the Penthouse letter. I don't think).

  28. Hahahaha! Did you really not post that disgusting "pork sword" comment???

  29. Oooooooooh. Maybe it's another gross Adam. I think we have a few.

  30. No, it wasn't me.

    Hey, that's the same thing Karyn told me to say in Ask Karyn. Wow, what great advice.

    Also, seriously no, it wasn't me. I call hot dogs hot dogs and penis's the Adam Bomb, not something gross like pork sword.

  31. Uhh yeah... we ALL know which Adam is using the term "pork sword."

  32. ADAM BOMB??!?!?! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....ugh. that's retarded. also, sad.

  33. I thought it was Carli's Adam...Not stupid idiot Adam. Of course, I should have known all along it was stupid idiot Adam, what with him being a stupid idiot and all.

  34. I've heard him using the term - Adam Bomb - going on 12 years now. And I can safely say it never gets old.

  35. Out here in Beautiful British Columbia, we call them "Tube Steaks."
    We're like Albertans, but with a touch of class.

  36. hahahaha. Tube Steaks! That's SICK ...yet classy, you're right.


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