Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Last One.... I *kind of* Promise...

I realize that the reason we keep getting DIAPER ads on this page is because I keep talking about diapers. It's a cause-and-effect thing. A "catch-22" if you will. But... I just have oneeee lasssttt diaper post. FOREVER. (Well, for this week, anyway, haha!)

When I read the advertisement today (at the bottom of the page), this is what it said:

"Dry Care Adult Diapers.
High Absorbency... 2 - 3 litres

Ok. 2-3 LITRES?? Are you kidding me? I think if "litres" are coming out, you should probably get yourself to a hospital, stat.


  1. Maybe it's 2-3 liters over a period of time.. Gross, why did I just say that?

    In the immortal words of Sherri 'DELETE'!!

  2. I think I just lost 5 liters laughing at that post Karyn. THANKS, I only had on my 1/2 liter absorbency diapers. Jerk.

    And by jerk, I mean sweet little lamb.

  3. Maybe it's the word "liters" itself that's making you uncomfortable. Maybe you should think of it in terms of cubic centimeters. Cubic centimeters and cubic centimeters of human waste.

  4. I think its a conversion issue. In the States they just say, all nonchalantly, "Oh, it'll hold just over half a gallon, ma'am." But then they market the things in Canada and the Systeme Internationale gets them.


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